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INTERTEC CHILE SPA is part of INTERTEC A / S, a Danish company with international presence. INTERTEC CHILE with its national and international engineering team, with more than 40 years in the industrial process industry.

As certified integrators of the worlds #39 leading brands, we provide consulting services, turnkey project to the with needs and requirements of the each product more important with the appropriate technology and the support of a team at the national level, with a cooperation of our partners.


INTER-MC (Intertec Maintanace Contract) a sevice made to the needs of each production plant, whether engineering, technical, electrical or IT service, both in plant or remotely have a team of professionals in your industry.

With INTER-MC is to have a team of technicians and engineer on duty:

  • Control unplanned production stops (utility losses).

  • Maintenance planning.

  • Customer assistance 365 days a year (depending on contract).

  • Support of a team for operational continuity.

Intertec Chile (INTER-MC) offers you a plan:

  • Monthly.

  • Quarterly.

  • Annual



With the support of one of our National Partners, Intertec Chile can offer a direct, effective financing system with tax benefits and capital diversification.

This offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Tax benefits – Diversification of capital.

  • Monthly billing (becomes a monthly operating cost).

  • The ability to plan expansion projects

  • Make improvements to production lines (more than one).

  • Manage budgets in an intelligent way (OPM).

  • A payment plan at 12-18-24-30 installments.

  • The ability to have more production and have the ability to repay the money with production.

  • Option to make a last installment or continue with an equal or shorter term and have the best technology of the minute without a capital outlay.


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