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InterWEB is the WEB-based software module in the Intertec software suite. The InterWEB module is a tool to monitor and visualize production information in any part of the production plant, simply using a WEB browser.


InterWEB has several features including:

• Production summary with key performance indicators (KPI).

• Monitor and display of production orders. • Monitor and display of delivered materials.

• Detailed evaluation of completed order data (batch data).

• Generation of completed orders reports (PDF format).

• WEB-based InterGMD (online material consumption status, detailed in InterGMD)

• Web-based InterHIST (process database trend generation, detailed in InterHIST)

• InterWEB allows you to interact with InterGMD and InterHIST using a WEB browser.


Connection with PLC of different brands and communication protocols.

• Real time data of the production process.

• Overview of plant performance.

• Connection with PLC of different brands and communication protocols.

• Online status of production areas.

• Online process data analysis (KPI, Capacity, Efficiency, Downtime, OEE) Download Custom Reports (PDF format).

 Download historical data (MS Excel).

• Role-based access control (groups / users).

• Local application server (InterWEB) for data management.



Online analysis of process data: KPI, Capacity Calculation, Efficiency Assessment, and OEE for main production areas.


• Monitor actual production performance vs monthly / daily targets.


• Track actual uptime to avoid unscheduled downtime and reduce downtime.


• Estimate future production projections with data from the last 7 days.


• Optimize the performance of the Dosing System by analyzing the capacities of the scales in real time and batch times.


• Evaluating the data in real time will reduce the mixing process time cycles to increase the capacity of the system.


• Monitor the feeding capacity of the extrusion system in real time and the process parameters to ensure its correct operation.


• Eliminating extruder recipe deviations will increase product quality and reduce rework quantities.


InterANALYTICS - Energy

  • InterANALYTICS Online powergrid data is able to analyze and make informed desicions concerning energy usage and consumptions.

Analytics-Enegy 2021-04-20 140715.png


• Process data is available for process trend analysis based on the date filter.

• 100% customizable modules according to customer needs.



  • Maintenance Summary with evaluation and log of events (unscheduled stops).

  • Process Overview with real time status. 

  • Adminstration of events and motives of unscheduled stops.



  • In line material consumption data, displays alarms status of each material, material information and advance data filer.

Custom modules

  • InterWEB allows to include custom modules to adapt to the needs of the client.


InterMES - Production

• InterWEB allows you to include InterMES (Manufacturing Execution System - Intertec MES) to manage production orders, recipes, silos, materials, and production reports.

  • Adminstration of orders and deliveries.

  • Production summary with key performance indicators (KPI).

• Order details with description of production data by batch. Final dosage report (PDF), advanced data filter.

InterMES - Data

  • Administration of Materials, Silos and recipes. General view of batches and materials in silos.

InterMES - Reports

  • Order details with batch production data description.

  • Final dosing report (PDF) and advanced data filter.

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