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Control Systems​

The common denominator for control systems is that they are able to control several systems in one unified system. This ensures real-time operational data and status information to air traffic controllers and technical personnel which facilitates even more efficient operation and maintenance.

A control system can e.g. integrate all airfield lighting equipment in one unified environment. Such a control system provides fully-automatic operation and monitoring of airfield lighting via touch-screen monitors. The system supplies real-time, automated surveillance of system performance within the fully distributed network and aggregated status information. Furthermore, the information can be distributed wherever there is a need for it, e.g. to the maintenance personnel.

INTERTEC AIRPORT DIVISION supplies, installs and services high quality communication systems, such as:


  • Control systems integrating airside equipment such as NAV/COM, MET, AGL, AFTN, ATIS, etc.

  • Airfield remote control and monitoring systems, ARCAMS

  • Individual lamp control and monitoring systems, ILCAMS

  • Pilot activated lighting, PAL

  • Preventive maintenance systems

  • Event and alarm systems

With airfield remote control and monitoring systems, ARCAMS, it is possible to control and monitor the airfield ground lighting (AGL) systems.

Combined with an individual lamp control and monitoring systems, ILCAMS, the lighting systems can be monitored and controlled individually which ensures fast maintenance and thus improves efficient operation of the airport.

With pilot activated lighting, PAL, aircraft pilots are able to control the lighting of an airport. Via radio, the pilot can turn on the airfield lights and select different intensity steps by keying the microphone of the aircraft communication transmitter in intervals.

INTERTEC AIRPORT DIVISION has the expertise to come up with the solution that meets your specific requirements.

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