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The dairy industry must comply with strict and changing requirements for food hygiene, food safety and environmental standards. Production must run at a consistent level of high quality while costs are kept down. Dairies are nowadays often large units with factory style production, and they have large number of machines, valves and motors that must be operated. Malfunctions and errors affect efficiency and product quality as does timing of each critical production step.

Automation ensures a high and consistent product quality from intake of raw materials through the entire manufacturing process to the end product, and the most significant benefits are:

 ·   Food safety, consistent product quality and reliability

Automated monitoring and supervision of equipment and processes ensures that machine malfunctions will be stopped, and prevents errors such as unexpected machine overload and incorrect mixing.

 ·   Production economy, production control and flexible production

Automatic and precise control of the production reduces e.g. product loss which benefits the economy. The control system enables a flexible production with various production alternatives and easy implementation of new recipes.

INTERTEC ENGINEERING DIVISION has the expertise and know-how to come up with the efficient and innovative solution that meets your specific requirements.

Keywords for the INTERTEC dairy automation systems:

 ·   Transport handling from and to tanks or tank groups and machinery

 ·   CIP systems with main lines and CIP routes  

 ·   Safety product flow

 ·   Context sensitive operator information  

 ·   Data handling in SQL database

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