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Fish Feed

Automation in the fish feed production improves efficiency and productivity, reduces errors and waste and ensures a consistent level of high quality.

With automated production lines you can control the exact levels, characteristics and dimensions throughout the entire production process, from input to output. Automated production lines are easy adaptable when requirements change and thus more flexible.

We can integrate the ERP system for exchange of Intake, Recipe, Order and Reports and control the labelling and logistics for the end products.

INTERTEC ENGINEERING DIVISION has the expertise and know-how to come up with the efficient and innovative solution that meets your specific requirements. We ensure high and consistent product quality from intake of raw materials, through the entire manufacturing process to the end product.

Key words for the INTERTEC fish feed automation systems:

  • Batch handling

  • Reports

  • Batch to continue process

  • Scale handling

  • Scaled FIFO

  • Data handling in SQL database

If our costumer only wants to change some of the equipment on a production line, we can deliver each section separately.

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