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Meteorology Systems​

Weather conditions have great impact on the planning and operation of air traffic. Precise measurements of all the meteorological parameters are therefore crucial. There are various technologies to provide accurate information and real time weather forecasts also during extreme weather conditions.


INTERTEC AIRPORT DIVISION supplies, installs and services all equipment in MET systems, such as:


  • Aviation weather observation systems, AWOS

  • Meteorological sensor equipment, MET

  • Surface-mounted runway temperature sensors


Aviation weather observation systems, AWOS, provides continuous, real time and reliable weather forecasts for air traffic controllers and other aviation personnel. Weather data is collected from various sensors on the airfield. The data is sent, processed and finally distributed to the relevant users. 

Meteorological sensor equipment, MET, consists of a different number of meteorological sensors. The sensors provide accurate live information on various meteorological parameters, such as wind, temperature, precipitation, visibility, etc. The combination of the parameters/sensors is adapted to the specific requirements of each airport into a customised solution.

Surface-mounted runway temperature sensors provide precise measurements and live information of the runway temperature via link to the airport monitoring system. This is an important meteorological parameter at airports located in cold climates.

INTERTEC AIRPORT DIVISION has the expertise and know-how to come up with solutions for any challenge related to normal and extreme weather conditions.


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